How Much is 5/7 Cup in Cooking?

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  How much is 5/7 of a cup?

  Are you making fun of us? Do we have a recipe somewhere in the depths of the Ochef site that refers to 5/7 cup of a hard-to-find ingredient? A nice person would have said, "Dear Ochef: Your recipe for [insert recipe name here] includes a request for 5/7 cup of [insert ingredient name here]. Can that be right, or is it possible that someone — however well-intentioned and hard working — made a mistake? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. If it is a mistake, could you let us know what the correct amount is? Thank you."

If, however, you've stumbled across someone else's recipe, in which they intentionally or erroneously specified 5/7 cup of something, clearly the recipe is not worth preparing and the people in question are idiots. However, 5/7 of a cup is a tiny bit less — perhaps a teaspoon less — than 3/4 cup. [If it is our mistake, we would be honored if you let us know which recipe has the problem. Thank you.]