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The Hunt for Equal Recipes

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Q. I am trying to find recipes using Equal-brand sweetener. Can you please help me?

A. One really good reason you could be having trouble tracking down recipes is that you can't really cook with Equal. The leading brand of sugar-substitute breaks down when heated and loses some significant portion of its sweetening ability. The people who make Equal are busy trying to overcome that hurdle ("Equal works very well in fruit pie fillings," they tell you again and again), and offer a modest collection of recipes at their Web site. Some appear to be fairly traditional recipes, so perhaps the test-kitchen staff has managed to create successful recipes that are adequately sweet. You'll have to decide that for yourself.

Another option is to track down a copy of The Free & Equal Cookbook, which is now out of print. It provides 160 recipes that not only use Equal, they substitute polyunsaturated oil for butter, as well. One possible source for the book is the used-book emporium Alibris.

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