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Freezing Process American Cheese Slices

Can I freeze process cheese slices (such as Borden singles)?

Since you mention one brand specifically, we decided to see what its maker has to say. We found an answer brilliantly cobbled together by a committee of the marketing and product development departments: "All Borden cheese products can be frozen. However, due to the adverse effect that freezing has on the texture and appearance of the cheese, we recommend that you do not freeze Borden cheese."

So, "yes, you can," but "no, you shouldn't," (reminds us a lot of our teenage years...).

Even individually wrapped cheese slices dry out and become crumbly or mealy when frozen. Slices that have not been individually wrapped in a factory, such as blocks sliced at a deli, will suffer even more. You may be able to cook with them, but would definitely not want to eat them in a sandwich.

But, for heaven's sake, cheese slices stored in the refrigerator have a pretty long shelf-life as it is. One package of wrapped slices we have in a refrigerator has a "best-use date" of nearly a year from now.

Keep the cheese tightly wrapped, with minimal exposure to air, in a cold place in the refrigerator — and don't forget about it. Surely you'll find ways to use it up while it is still fresh.

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