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What Do You Do With a Frozen Ginger?

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Q. I just received a wonderful young ginger root in the mail from my mother down south. Unfortunately, it froze in the mail (we're in the far, far north). Should I thaw it or keep it frozen?? I would like to preserve it for as long as I can because we have no access to this type of ginger where we live! Please help QUICKLY!!

A. The damage — if you consider it damage — has been done. Some people willingly freeze ginger to store it for long periods (up to a year) while others find it soggy once thawed. Since it's already frozen, leave it as is and just break or cut off pieces when you want to use it and return the rest to the freezer (well wrapped in a heavy plastic bag). You can grate it quite easily while it's still frozen.

To save ginger for more than a few weeks anyway, you would either have to freeze it or peel it and store it in a jar of vodka or sherry, which, to us, seems more drastic than freezing it in the first place. Where ginger is a luxury, we're sure a change in texture that might drive the food snobs wild will seem like a small price to pay.

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