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Breaking a Few Eggs — In Advance

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Q. Is it OK to scramble eggs the day before cooking, to save time?

A. You know, time management is a fine thing. But there has to be a little unscheduled time in our lives, a little room for serendipity, perhaps even enough time to mix our eggs the same day we cook them! In our experience, mixing eggs is not all that time consuming — and you don't actually save time by doing it one day instead of the next. At best, you're shifting time.

But perhaps you're beating together 400 eggs for an grand omelet production line, in which case, it is fine to break and mix the eggs a day in advance. Eggs fare better in the sanctity of their shells, but handled safely, tightly covered, and refrigerated promptly, the eggs should be fine for a day or even two. They stale quickly and will pick up refrigerator odors out of the shell, so don't try to save lots and lots of time by mixing them several days in advance.

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