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Where is the Saintly Rainforest Crunch?

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Q. I formerly could order "Rainforest Crunch" from Almond Plaza, but they no longer carry this product. Is it available from another source or is the company that makes it out of business?

A. Rainforest Crunch is a "delicious cashew and Brazil nut buttercrunch. Fresh butter and cream from Vermont family farms are blended with wild Brazil nuts from the Amazon rainforest. Created by Ben Cohen (co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream), Rainforest Crunch contains fairly traded Brazil nuts and vanilla from cooperatives and fair-trade organizations in Central and South America, providing a market for sustainably harvested products and an economic alternative to rainforest clearing and drilling. Rainforest crunch also has kosher certification."

Sounds almost too good — or too politically correct — to be true, doesn't it? Sadly, as you have found, our retail partner Almond Plaza no longer carries Rainforest Crunch. There are a number of sites that do, however, including Global Exchange, and San Giorgio Coffee.

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