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The Quest for Good Chocolate & Cocoa

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Q. Where can I find high quality baking chocolate and cocoa powder for a flowerless chocolate torte? Is it possible to locate these ingredients at a town grocery store?

A. Well, first of all, you'd have to tell us what town you live in. And then we'd make fun of you for imagining that we can keep track of which stores in which towns carry which items. Quite often, it seems as if the store staff themselves don't have any idea which items they stock.

In general, we find that you have to have a pretty exceptional supermarket to be able to find really good quality chocolate and cocoa. Of course, the more "sophisticated" the area in which you live, the more likely you are to have greater access to high-quality chocolate. Good candy shops are often a source for both chocolate and cocoa, as are gourmet stores.

One of our online retail partners,, has a wide selection of chocolate and cocoa products from various top manufacturers, in various sizes and prices. Among them:

There are many other online sources for chocolate and cocoa. For many folks in the hinterlands, the Internet offers the broadest selection — or only selection — of products from which to choose.

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