Keeping a Fruit Pie Fresh & Safe

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  I have thawed a frozen cooked raspberry pie at room temperature. Is this safe to eat? I cannot seem to find an answer.

  Think back to your grandmother's (or great grandmother's) day, when a common piece of furniture was a pie safe — a free-standing cupboard with perforated tin or copper panels in the doors and sometimes sides. It kept the insects (and quite possibly children) away from the pies, but allowed for ventilation. Did it include refrigeration? No, it did not.

A fruit pie generally does not require refrigeration, nor does it benefit from it. As long as the berries were washed before going into the pie and the pie doesn't include tons of ingredients that normally require refrigeration, safety shouldn't be an issue. At the same time, it's not like you want that pie to sit around forever — the crust will get soggy, the berries will slump, and it will not be as wonderful as it should be.