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Substituting Little Marshmallows for Big

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Q. What is the equivalent of 16 big marshmallows in miniature marshmallows?

A. We sure get all kinds of questions, don't we? It appears that one regular marshmallow weighs about 1/4 ounce and a miniature marshmallow weighs just about 1/10th of that. Relying once again on our superior cooking math skills, you need 150 to 160 miniature marshmallows. Start counting. (If you have small children about, this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill their desire to help.)

It takes about 7 regular marshmallows to yield a cup, and about 80 miniature marshmallows to fill the same measure. Now it is quite possible that there is variation in the size and weight of different brands of marshmallows, but really, who cares? Is a recipe going to be a disaster if you are off in the volume of marshmallow by even 20%? Probably not.

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