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Picture mounds of luscious chocolate, a longstanding family tradition and three warm welcoming cousins, and you will discover BODEGA Fudge and Chocolates. Their Great Grandmother's motto continues on: "Nothing but the finest. Nothing but the best. No exceptions. This they will remember." The company name reflects its humble beginnings: BODEGA, in different regional dialects means "a place to meet", or "corner store." Today, as in yesterday, their chocolate is made from only the finest ingredients. No artificial flavors, compounds or wax is used. Although labor intensive, each piece is still hand-cut, dipped, wrapped and packed to be shipped throughout the United States and most anywhere in the world.

Endorsed by the prestigious BON APPETIT as the "The Chocolate Supreme" in the December of 1996 "Christmas Around The World" issue as well as many major national and international publications, there is absolutely no doubt hat each recipient will be delighted by the quality of the exquisitely enrobed Fudge Truffle Bars, Traditional English Toffee, Chocolate Covered Shortbread Cookies and rich Hot Fudge Topping. Made in the tradition of the finest European confections, these products have graced the tables of royalty and common folk alike. In addition, all BODEGA products are kosher certified.

And remember, receives a commission on every purchase you make from BODEGA through these and other links on the Ochef site. Not only can you purchase exceptional products, you keep the chefs happy and fed and eager to answer all of your cooking questions! 

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