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Even if you're not much of a "joiner," these clubs are hard to resist! And remember, receives a commission on every delicious purchase you make at C&H Clubs through the links on this page and elsewhere at the Ochef site. So not only will you enjoy the benefits of membership, you'll help keep the chefs fed, and happy, and eager to answer your cooking questions!

International Cheese of the Month Club

Sample exceptional, internationally selected, Farmhouse Cheeses from all over the world! You’ll discover an enormous range of tastes, aromas, textures, and ways to serve and use each cheese. Selected for prominence, creative interpretation, and quality, each cheese is hand cut from wheels that have been carefully tended and aged. Each shipment contains (3) half- pound, freshly cut selections. And…our monthly newsletter details each featured cheese, how they’re made, what to look for when tasting them and all about the fascinating art of crafting cheese. Order online today and get 25% off your first month for all memberships over 6 months!

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

Each month, we feature one exceptional, world-class, Chocolatier and ship a variety of their best creations. Our featured Chocolatiers are highly celebrated and acknowledged in their industry. We select them because they’re the best of the best at what they do, and because their creations are rare and extraordinary. We send approximately 1 to 1˝ pounds of chocolate in each shipment. And by reading our monthly newsletter, you’ll learn first hand how each Chocolatier crafts their signature creations, what to look for when tasting them, how cacao beans turn into chocolate, and so much more!
Order online today and get 25% off your first month for all memberships over 6 months!

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