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Did you have a favorite candy when you were a kid? Do you have kids of your own that like unusual or hard-to-find confections? Chances are, you can find everything you need at Candy Warehouse. From candy buttons to fish-head lollipops; from gourmet chocolates to alien glow pops; from horehound sticks to gummi pizzas; we could go on and on!

To get started, just , to browse more than 2,000 fresh bulk, novelty, and seasonal candies. Or click on one of the links below for some of Candy Warehouse's most popular selections.

And remember, receives a commission on every purchase you make from the Candy Warehouse through these and other links on the Ochef site. Not only can you purchase exceptional products, you keep the chefs happy and fed and eager to answer all of your cooking questions! 

Candy Jar Mix: 26LB Case

A jolly mix of hard candies from Peerless. Perfect for filling your local candy jar! There are approximately 70 candies per pound. Unit Price = $3.00/lb. Shipping Weight ~ 27 lbs.

Chocolate Coins!

The best tasting pocket change you'll every chew on! These are giant chocolate coins... each one has a diameter of about 2 inches!

Licorice Money!

You won't want to save these licorice coins in any piggy bank! Their too tasty not to gobble up immediately! Case contains 3 bags weighing 1 kilogram (~2.2 lbs) each. Imported from Holland.

Chocolate Gold Coins! Chocolate Gold Coins!

Candy coinage! Cash in these gold-foil-wrapped milk chocolate coins in assorted sizes. Made by Madelaine Chocolate Novelties.

100 Grand Bars!

Flex your monetary muscles with these delicious 100 thousand dollar bars! Great for give-aways, promotions, and fund-raising events, these fun-size bars will bring you big profits. Case contains 25 pounds of mini 100 Grand Bars.

Pay Day Candy Bars!

Delicious PayDay Peanut Caramel bars that make an excellent give-away candy for almost any promotional campaign. Case includes 12 display boxes containing 24 PayDay bars each.

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