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You didn't pass a turnstile on the way to the Ochef archives or receive a bill when we answered the cooking question that you've been puzzling over for years. Well, don't expect to see a cash register on your way out, either. We have no desire to implement a subscription plan. But, like any business, we need to stay in business. And right now, the Internet is not a particularly friendly environment for "content" businesses.

But there are several channels through which we generate revenue right now, and, with only a little effort on your part, you can help.


Sponsored Links are advertisements that provides to you. We receive Sponsored Links from Google's AdWords service. When you click on a Sponsored Link, we get revenue. The selection of Sponsored Links that are displayed is based on keywords. For example, if you search for "roast beef" or view pages about roast beef, the Sponsored Links may point to sites that sell mail-order beef or roasting pans or provide more information on roast beef. Sponsored Links are always clearly labeled. Generating additional revenue from Sponsored Links allows us to maintain as a free information site — something we are dedicated to doing every way we can.

Making online purchases through the links at also helps us make a case to prospective advertisers that our readers are people they should be reaching out to, and that is the right place to reach them.

It also helps if you register with, for although we religiously keep your private information confidential, when we provide prospective advertisers with aggregated information on our visitors, it becomes easier to sell them ads. Your word of mouth helps, as well. The more people you tell about Ochef, the easier it is for us to make an impression with these advertisers.


If you ever purchase anything from or any of 60 other leading vendors of food products and cooking equipment online, you can contribute directly to the bottom line at Ochef. Simply go to those sites to make your purchase through the links at (see right), and we'll receive a commission on what you buy. There are links to all of these partner merchants at the bottom of most every Ochef page. pays us a better commission than anyone else, and Amazon has a great line of cooking equipment and specialty foods, so the more you purchase from Amazon, the better for us. We don't know who made a purchase or what anyone has purchased — that's your business — but we certainly appreciate receiving commission checks at the end of each month.


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Another option is to make a payment in lieu of subscription — sort of the public radio model. By clicking on the Amazon Honor System box on any page (see right), you can contribute to the operations of Ochef — anything from $1 to $50 (and in various currencies), it's your choice. processes the transaction, keeps a small cut, and sends the rest to Ochef. They keep the process anonymous, so unless you agree to send us an email during the transaction, Amazon won't tell us what a good deed you've done. We've recommended a payment of $12, thinking that, again, in the spirit of public radio, $1 a month might seem like a reasonable amount to support unbiased and authoritative cooking advice.

If you'd prefer to contribute by check and bypass paying Amazon a commission, make the check payable to OCHEF LLC, and send it to 107 Pleasant St., Suite 1, Brunswick, ME 04011-2945, USA.

For our part, we're keeping our costs down, growing in a sustainable way, and avoiding many of the traps that other Internet companies have fallen into. Indeed, most of the staff of was involved in the collapse of one valuable Internet business, and we don't intend to let that happen again.

We appreciate your support while the Internet sorts itself out and the advertisers of the world come to realize that, however it evolves, the Internet is here to stay, and people turn to it regularly for recipes and cooking information — and for specialty foods and cooking products, as well.

Thank you very much for your support. And please let us know what we can do to make serve you better.

The Ochef Team

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