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Nirvana Chocolates sells the best Belgian chocolates and serves them up the Belgian way — that is, you specify which chocolates and how many you want in the box. Then the folks at Nirvana pack it to your specifications and send it on its way to your door. If all you like are Raspberry Truffles (and, frankly, who doesn't), custom-order a box. But if you want to live on the edge a little and think you might like a couple of Praline Hearts — or Zanzibar Butter Creams, Cointreau Creams, Mint Mystères, Nougatine Gianduias, or any of 29 other flavors — add a few of those to the box, instead.

No matter what you choose, you'll benefit from centuries of exquisite Belgian chocolate-making, in which only the finest cocoa beans, pure vanilla, honey, fruits, nuts, liquors, and other flavorings are used.

And remember, Ochef receives a commission on everything you purchase from Nirvana Chocolates through the links on this page and elsewhere on the Ochef site. So not only can you indulge every sweet tooth you've ever had, you help keep our chefs fed, and happy, and eager to answer your cooking questions.

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