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Thirty-five years ago Peet's Coffee & Tea introduced the style of dark roasted coffee that is now so popular to the San Francisco Bay Area. In April 1966, Alfred Peet opened the first Peet's — a coffee store with a roasting machine — a few blocks from the University of California.

Mr. Peet grew up in the family's coffee and tea business in Alkmaar, Holland. After World War II, Peet worked in the tea trade in Indonesia. At age thirty-five, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and later opened his shop, roasting coffee in the distinctive style he learned from his family.

Over the years, Peet's has distinguished itself by the quality of its coffee and tea, and by its values as a company. Peet's focus is old-world artisanship and hand-crafted coffees, and it carries this philosophy across the company, from coffee roasting to customer relationships.

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