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Why do businesses advertise on
  • because we're nearing 2 million visits per month?
  • because 54% of visitors add Ochef to their bookmark's list?
  • because readers stay at Ochef for nearly 5 minutes per visit?

Sure, those are great reasons. But the real reason to advertise at Ochef is that our visitors are doers — they cook, they entertain, they garden, they go out, they travel, they drive, they cruise, they decorate — and they buy what they need — online — to fulfill their goals. More than 3% of readers who click on ads at Ochef buy directly from the advertisers.

Registered visitors are two-thirds women, with above-average incomes (20% above $95,000), average household size, just over median age — all pointing to disposable income. As cooks, the majority describe themselves as "good home cooks."

Ochef readers are actively looking for solutions — yes, for cooking, but also for daily life. They're looking for:

  • Gourmet and specialty foods
  • Appliances and cooking equipment
  • Household items and clothing
  • Travel and entertainment
  • Furniture and automobiles
  • Electronics and music

Ochef offers all the popular formats — banners, leaderboards, rectangles, buttons, text ads, interstitials, pop-ups, and sponsorship opportunities. But more important, it offers people who will click on your Buy Now button!

To get your products and services in front of Ochef's willing buyers, call Susan Leigh at 646-450-8256 or email

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