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When Pecans Creep into Your Cakes

 A few years back I tasted a cake that had been made with ground-up pecans instead of flour. Talk about delicious!

 Talk about tortes!

Yes, that's right, it was a torte – a cake where finely ground bread crumbs and ground nuts take the place of flour. There is a long heritage of making almond tortes in Austria, Germany, and what is now France's Alsace. When people from these regions emigrated to the United States – especially to the southern states – they often substituted pecans for the almonds, and found them delightful.

The recipe we're sharing, for an Alabama Lemon Pecan Torte, was originally an almond lemon torte in the old country, and was often served at Passover. The recipe calls for matzo meal, but you can substitute bread crumbs if the kosher element is lost on you.

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