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How Long Does a Hubbard Squash Stay Pretty?

The hubbard squash is a perfect Halloween prop. Is there any way to save it for next Halloween?

Um, are you saving your pumpkin? Cupcakes, perhaps? Cider? Saving fresh food, even for decoration, seldom stretches for an entire year.

Yes, squashes have a long shelf life but not that long. They are good for about six months, at the outside.

If you have let them cure for a few days after picking, you can store pumpkins and winter squash in a dry place between 50F and 60F (10C and 16C), where they will keep through the winter. You will want to check for mold every few weeks, and wipe off any that develops with a cloth dipped in a little vegetable oil. You can also store one in the refrigerator for about 6 months, but it takes up a lot of space and it would be hard to justify saving the cost of one hubbard squash with dedicating an eighth of your refrigerator's electricity usage month after month.

We understand the desire to economize, but, pound for pound, squash are among the cheapest foods and decorations on the market.

You can get double duty from your squash. It would certainly not be out of place in a Thanksgiving display. And if you play your cards right, perhaps you can think of some wonderfully clever way to work it into your Valentine's Day decorations. How romantic! Please send us a photo if you do.

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