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Finding a Recipe for Whole-Wheat English Muffins

 I am in need of a recipe for a tasty, moist English muffin made with whole-wheat flour. Can you help?

 Some people – and we could name a few – would make a comment about there being no tasty, moist English Muffins made with whole-wheat flour. To them we say, "be still.*"

We think bakers have gotten a lot better in recent years about producing light and tasty whole-wheat baked goods. In fact, we think a lot of bakers have gotten a lot better. Still, there are not a lot of English muffins in this world made with whole-wheat flour. At best, they're made with a combination of whole-wheat and all-purpose flour or even bread flour.

The recipe we've chosen uses whole wheat pastry flour, which has less protein than regular whole-wheat flour. Although they are quick breads, English muffins need the structure afforded by gluten, so this recipe requires the addition of a little gluten or gluten flour.

Tell us yourself if this doesn't produce a tasty, moist English muffin.

*At summer camp, the boys occasionally sang a mealtime song of appreciation to the cooks that included the words, "we won't shut up till you do come out" (of the kitchen). The girl's camp version said, "we won't be still." You can probably guess which version won out when the camp built a dining hall big enough to accommodate both sexes. It didn't take very long before the boys were forced to developed other mealtime manners, as well….

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