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Finding Marmite in the US (Not Vegemite!)

Where in my area (Milwaukee, Wisc.) might I find Marmite (yeast extract)? I don't want Vegemite.

Sweetheart, no one wants Vegemite (well, the Australian's apparently can't get enough of it). But to be honest, we haven't run across that many folks in this country looking for Marmite, either. Those that are, are almost inevitably of British extraction.

Marmite and Vegemite are, for the uninitiated, brand names of products known as yeast extracts. Technically they are not extracts, since they are not extracted from yeast through any process created by mankind, but they break down their own proteins. The scientific name of the process is called hydrolysis, and in it, the yeast's enzymes use water to split protein molecules from carbohydrate molecules. In essence, the yeast digests itself. Food manufacturers take the results, concentrate it, and may add flavor. By whatever name, it is a thick, dark brown syrup.

Marmite serves a variety of uses in Britain and some other Commonwealth nations. It is spread on toast and sandwiches and added to soups and stews. It is also dehydrated and sold in cubes. The brand name is owned by Unilever, and is especially popular in Britain and South Africa. There is a licensed version produced in New Zealand, which has a more subtle and sweeter flavor (relatively speaking).

What do you want to hear? that Marmite can be found three blocks away in your local specialty food shop? Actually it may be. It is available in many Whole Foods Markets but may come and go in independent specialty foods stores. It is available in some supermarkets. There are many online sources

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