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Can You Make an Apple Pie, Equal Boy, Equal Boy?

Can I put Equal in my apple pie instead of sugar? I make up several pies and freeze them. Is it OK to put Equal in these pies since I do not cook them prior to freezing them?

Do you cook them at all? Because whether you cook them before you freeze them or after has nothing do with whether Equal breaks down in cooking (which it tends to do).

Equal works better in pies, says manufacturer Merisant, than in many other baked goods. Almost 10% of the recipes currently available on the Equal site are for pies and tarts (a third are for drinks). Why not have a look at its recipe for Apple Pie, see how close it is to your own recipe, and whether it looks like the substitution of Equal for sugar would work. Then give it a try not with several pies, but just one on a trial basis. Freeze it for a day, bake it as you normally would, and taste it. You can always sprinkle some sugar on top it if's not sweet enough, or eat it with vanilla ice cream or sweetened whipped cream.

If you like it, though, you will be saving 28% of the calories over a traditional apple pie, according to Merisant.

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