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Not Putting Baggies in Your Roaster Oven

I am cooking a turkey for the first time in an electric roaster. In the past I've used my oven. Can I use an oven bag to help brown the outside of the turkey?

We have yet to see a roaster manufacturer allow anyone to use a roasting bag inside their appliances. You are to keep your roaster bag from touching the heating element or sides or top of a standard oven, in case they touch a hot spot and melt. There is essentially no way for an oven bag not to touch major portions of the sides and lid of a roaster oven.

To be more specific, one bag manufacturer says its bags "should not be used:

  • under a broiler
  • on the stovetop
  • on barbecue grills
  • in toaster ovens
  • in countertop convection ovens
  • in electric roaster ovens
  • or as boiling bags."

So there.

As stated elsewhere at Ochef, you can give a roaster-oven turkey the color of brown, but probably not the flavor of brown.

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