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Welcome to GotFruit — the newest branch of an old family tree. The Thomas family has been growing pears in Northern California since 1919. Our commitment to the highest standards has not changed since our first orchard. Our fruit is hand-picked, hand-sorted and hand-packed. We pack to order each and every gift on the day of shipment — there is no pre-packing — unlike other fruit gift sellers. We have the best standard shipping in the industry. Gifts are only in transit from 1 to 3 days — fresh arrival is important to fresh fruit, and to us. We are affiliated exclusively with premium vendors. Many are small craft providers of Northern California specialty foods.

And remember, receives a commission on every purchase you make from through these and other links on the Ochef site. Not only can you purchase exceptional products, you keep the chefs happy and fed and eager to answer all of your cooking questions! 

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