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  Is it better to use fresh garlic rather than the bottled kind preserved with oil or vinegar or water? I had always used fresh garlic until a friend of mine told me she thinks the bottled garlic is just as good.

  To use the immortal words of former President Clinton, “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” When your friend says bottled garlic “is” just as good, is she saying it “tastes” just as good? Because it doesn’t. Bottled garlic has a harsher and more bitter flavor than fresh garlic treated lovingly. continued...

  Is there a substitute for dark rum?

  In that we have already provided the definitive answer to this question elsewhere (relying on rum extract), we assume your follow-up is seeking a non-alcoholic substitute for rum (as extracts can be as alcoholic as or more alcoholic than the spirits they replace). continued...

  Now that I know what pancetta is (thank you very much!), how do you pronounce it? Pan-setta or Pan-chetta?

  Remember, the "c" in Italian is never pronounced like an "s." Before "e" or "i", it sounds like the "ch" in chin. Before any other vowel, it's like the "c" in cat. continued...

The Food Substitutions Bible
by David Joachim

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