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Linden Sweden's 9" Conical Strainer
Manufacturer: Jonas of Sweden
List price: $29
Warranty: 25 years
Dimensions: 17" x 9-1/4" x 8"
Weight: 14.9 oz
Composition: Stainless steel
Other versions: 5-1/4", 6-3/4", 7-1/2", 8-1/4", 9-7/8", 10-5/8"
Made In: Sweden
Type: China Cap, Conical Strainer
Color:  Silver
Apparent goal: kids gift/registry home kitchens restaurants everywhere
Intended audience: novice advanced beginner good home cook gourmet professional
Diet/nutrition: does not apply scary empty promises helpful essential
Green?: not especially neutral mixed blessing earth friendly green!
Innovative: step back standing still progress trendy genius
Problem solving: no better baby steps solid steps giant steps a revelation
Competition: outclassed follower in the pack strong challenger likely champ
Ease of use: impossible frustrating OK simple child's play
Intuitive: Ph.D. required barely logical effortless brilliant
Instructions: missing incomprehensible adequate unnecessary excellent
Quality: cheesy questionable good years of service impressive
Parts to lose: inevitable some/many one-piece self-storing not a problem
Power source: none hands batteries outlet green
Clean-up: nightmare wipe clean soap & water scouring pad dishwasher
Does it work?: not at all adequately well very well perfectly
Availability: airfare required online kitchen store department store supermarket
Easy to open?: impossible maddening tolerable good opens itself
Green?: fills a landfill huge waste passable minimal waste impressive
Time saving: time wasting not really modest substantial huge
Labor saving: less efficient marginal a bit noticeable remarkable
Money saving: money wasted none $ $$ $$$
Beats the old way: worse no change better definitely entirely new
Where will it live?: garage/attic drawer cabinet countertop rack
Fulfills ambitions: falls short almost there satisfies exceeds home run
How often used: once/twice ≥daily ≥weekly ≥monthly ≥yearly/holidays
Worth the space?: no does not apply w/unlimited space w/limited space absolutely
Need it?: a luxury discretionary basic equipment for serious cooks get it
Value: ouch! a little pricey worth splurging on the money a deal
Overall rating: skip it fair good very good excellent

Comments: A conical strainer is a definite luxury – until you get one. Then you wonder how you got along without it.

This China cap is wonderful for straining soups, stocks, and sauces. You can also use it as a food mill for puréeing fruits and vegetables. It is especially useful during canning season.

A handle on the strainer allows it to rest on pots and large bowls. It can be hung from a pot rack, but we will not pretend that it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Made in Sweden, this strainer has been designed for restaurant use, but is perfect for the home kitchen, as well. It has a 25-year warranty. Can you think of anything else you have that comes with a 25-year warranty?


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