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Traditional Grilled Scampi

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Scampi alla Griglia (Grilled Scampi)
From Italian Food (Canada, UK), by Elizabeth David.

Rub the shells of the scampi with olive oil and salt. Put them on the solid hotplate of an electric cooker or on the grilling pan of an Aga cooker. They should cook gradually, being turned over and over, and from time to time removed so that they can be brushed with a little more oil. When they are nearly cooked, after about 20 minutes, flatten them gently with a rolling-pin. In Venice they have a special little instrument for this operation. The flattening out ensures that they will cook evenly, and enables the shells to be peeled off easily when they are served. They will take about 20 minutes altogether to cook. The idea is that the scampi should be cooked by heat from underneath, rather than from above, so the most successful utensil for the purpose is a ridged cast-iron grill plate which is heated over gas or electricity.

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