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Beurre Blanc Recipe

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Beurre Blanc
From The Chef's Art (Canada, UK), by Wayne Gisslen.


8 oz dry white wine
1-1/2 oz white wine vinegar
1 oz shallots, chopped
1 lb cold butter, cut into small pieces


Combine the wine, vinegar, and shallots in a saucepan. Reduce heavily, that is, more than three-fourths, but not au sec.

Incorporate the butter by one of two methods:

A. Set the pan over high heat. Add the butter all at once and beat vigorously with a wire whip. When the butter is about three-fourths melted, remove from the heat and continue to whip until the sauce is smooth.
B. Set the pan over low heat. Add the butter a few pieces at a time, whipping constantly. When each addition is nearly melted, add a few more pieces. Continue until all the butter is added.

Pass the sauce through a fine strainer.

Hold the sauce in a warm, not hot, place until served. Stir or whip it from time to time.

Yield: 1 pint

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