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Raw And Cooked Asparagus
From Cooking: The Quintessential Art, by Hervé This and Pierre Gagnaire

Cook some asparagus spears in boiling water that has been slightly salted. Then let them cool, separate the tips from the stalks, and sauté the stalks in butter, adding from time to time a teaspoon of water in order to prevent the butter from turning brown.

Then mix the tips and the sautéed stalks with some cream, chopped truffle, and a little Parmesan. The asparagus is present in two ways that complement each other.

You can exaggerate the effect by leaving the stalks raw instead, cutting them into segments and mixing them with the truffle cream, and placing the cooked tips on top. This way the tender, smooth-flavored tips stand in contrast to the raw, crunchy stalks, which have a fresher, greener flavor.

You can continue in the same fashion with the classic preparations of asparagus served with hollandaise or mayonnaise, again leaving the stalks raw and poaching or boiling the tips.

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