That is a problem, since the Pearl Meat Packing Company is located about 12 miles south of Boston in Quincy. Are you sure you’re not doing a little guerrilla marketing for your friend’s meat company on the Internet?

Whatever. Pearl says its all-beef Frankfurts (a very New England way to say it) are made with natural casings and imported spices, and are smoked in brick smokehouses.

A company spokesman also says its products - pastrami, corned beef, knockwurst, and hot dogs - are distributed mainly in the Northeast, although it sells to a couple of national chains as well. In Massachusetts, its products are in many Stop and Shop Supermarkets, Star Markets, Roche Brothers Supermarkets, and BJ's Wholesale Clubs.

Pearl will sell and ship small quantities to individuals overnight but, as the spokesman says, that makes for a pretty pricey hot dog. For more information, visit the Web site, call 1-800-462-3022, or open your eyes a little wider next time you shop.