Sorry, it’s not a secret, but it’s also not really double cream.

A spokeswoman for Hood says their Heavy Cream clocks in at 42% butterfat, which is as high as we’ve found in this country. While based in New England, Hood sells many products far and wide, with 22 production facilities around the country. Apparently that generosity does not extend to cream, however, which is not currently sold beyond New England’s borders.

We have not found heavy, heavy creams in our rambles around the country, but we haven’t been very systematic in our search, either. About the highest we have found in many places is 36%, the generic standard for heavy cream or heavy whipping cream. More and more farms are selling their products to the public – heavy cream, unpasteurized cream, raw milk, etc. – especially at farmers’ markets, so you might be surprised what you can turn up if you start looking actively. Calling around to any farms in your area might also generate a regular supply of rich cream.

We can get farm-made yogurt, various artisanal cheeses, cultured butter, raw milk, cream at varying fat levels, and other dairy products from a variety of farms within about 25 miles of us – but we are located in a rural state. Depending on where you are, the hunt may be quick and easy or totally unsuccessful.

Britain’s double cream tips the scales at 48% butterfat, which is still several notches beyond what Hood produces, but we are grateful for what we can get.