We did a fairly lengthy online search for shortbread recipes on your behalf. The first impression we got – and frankly, we’re still trying to shake it – is that the quality of recipes online is extremely spotty. One site had a list of more than 20 shortbread recipes. Maybe there’s a treasure buried in that list, but we would be hard pressed to tell you which to choose. And many of them were clearly made up by the contributor or modified from Aunt Betty’s recipe – in short, not a source we could wholeheartedly turn to (or turn you to) for a victorious baking experience.

Our second impression – and this was verified by a search through a number of published cookbooks – is that rice flour is actually a rarity in shortbread recipes. We found one or two out of 50 recipes. So the good news is, Argentina will soon be savoring the wafting aroma of baking shortbread.

While most of the recipes we found online use only flour for the starch, we always make our shortbread with a mixture of flour and cornstarch. The associated recipe is what we consider to be the definitive shortbread recipe (we usually triple it to be sure of having enough….). Needless to say, if you use a substitute for the butter, it will not be the definitive shortbread recipe.

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