Sep 07, 2021

Cole Slaw


For Dressing the Slaw

1 Tbs Dijon-type mustard 3 Tbs cider vinegar 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp caraway or cumin seeds 1/4 tsp celery seeds Freshly ground pepper 1/2 cup or so mayonnaise, optional 1/3 cup sour cream, optional


Toss the cabbage in a large mixing bowl with the other vegetables, apple, and parsley. Mix the mustard, vinegar, salt, and sugar together, pour into the bowl, and toss with the cabbage. Fold in the caraway or cumin, celery seed, and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning. Let stand for 30 minutes, or cover and refrigerate.

Before serving, drain out accumulated liquid and adjust seasoning again. Serve as is, or blend mayonnaise and sour cream together and fold into the slaw.

Note: Machine-Shredded Cabbage – Slice off the top and the bottom of the cabbage. Halve the head and cut out the central core. Cut the halves into wedges that will fit into your food processor, cut sides down. Using the slicing disk, process wedge by wedge to produce finely shredded cabbage.

Written by Ginger Cook