Do you usually make biscuits several times a week? We are impressed!*

Your baking powder could be old and less effective, but we don’t know why that would make your biscuits more bitter than usual. Are you using lots more baking powder to compensate for its age?

We are not fans of the sodium aluminum sulfate in commercial baking powder. Why not resolve the baking powder issue once and for all by making a batch of biscuits by combining 1 part baking soda with 2 parts cream of tartar instead of the specified baking powder. If they are not bitter, you have resolved the problem.

Your long-term solution may be to replace your baking powder, to try another brand, or to keep making your own. If this switch doesn’t resolve your problem, you’ll have to get back to us. (Really, what else is it going to be, though?)

*The fact that your biscuits are no good is of minor concern. That can be fixed. What is harder is inspiring the person who regularly makes no biscuits!