Hmmm. Two apparently innocent, apparently unrelated questions in the span of four weeks about Pearl-brand hot dogs being the best in the world and, oh, where can I find them? We’re starting to get suspicious. (It would have been less suspicious if the first guy hadn’t lived about 12 miles from the Pearl Meat Packing Company in Boston, where their hot dogs are available in just about every grocery store.)

No matter. Pearls are delicious, the company says, because they are made with natural casings and imported spices, and are smoked in brick smokehouses. Unfortunately, however, a company spokesman says, they have not managed to crack the New York market yet. Pearl will sell and ship small quantities to individuals overnight but, as the spokesman says, that makes for a pretty pricey hot dog. For more information, visit the company’s Web site or call 1-781-228-5100.