Contrary to popular belief, barramundi isn’t only the name of one of the two “tribes” on the first Survivor TV series that captivated the attention of nearly everyone in the US for far too many weeks – it is indeed the name of two species of fish.

The saltwater variety ranges from the Persian Gulf to the Philippines and can reach lengths of 5 feet. It is a prized game fish, is important in Indian cooking, and is widely praised for its excellent flesh. It is also called the giant sea perch.

The fresh water barramundi live in slow-flowing rivers in Australia, and can reach about three feet in length.

We don’t think you have to limit yourself to actual barramundi recipes, as either fish can be grilled, poached or baked, but here are several recipes we found on various Australian sites:

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  • Whole Farmed Baby Barramundi with Soy & Ginger Sauce
  • Cajun Farm Barramundi Cutlets with Yoghurt Sauce
  • Grilled Barramundi with Artichoke Tapanade
  • Barramundi with Olives, Tomatoes & Garlic