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Marinated Steak Chipotle Recipe
Grill Marinated Steak Chipotle Recipe

Marinated Steak Chipotle This steak is made with chipotle peppers, which are smoked chili peppers that you can find in the Mexican foods section of many supermarkets. Marinade: 7 limes (juice, skins, ...

6 to 8
Bourbon Apple Pie Recipe
Oven Bourbon Apple Pie Recipe

Apple pies may symbolize purity, health, and clean living to many, but nothing complements the forbidden fruit better than adding a cup of good bourbon to the mix. The pie won’t taste of the liquor afte...

Mushroom cassoulet Recipe
Salad Mushroom cassoulet Recipe

Mushroom “Cassoulet” Served with salad and crusty whole-grain bread, this makes a tasty and substantial meal. If you want to impress your guests, add the toasted bread crumbs – a great way to use up d...

Recipe for Moroccan Rghaif/Miklee
Salad Recipe for Moroccan Rghaif/Miklee

Rghaif Rghaif is a primitive form of pastry, sometimes served with honey and butter for breakfast, sometimes coated with confectioners’ sugar, sometimes stuffed with almonds, or, best of all to a Moro...

18 (approximately)
Warm-Weather Couscous Recipe
Salad Warm-Weather Couscous Recipe

Warm-Weather Couscous This combination of summertime vegetables works well; substitute others in season. Toss together the couscous and 1/4 tsp salt in a bowl. Drizzle in 1 tsp of the oil, and stir ...

Julia Child’s Basic Vinaigrette Dressing
Salad Julia Child’s Basic Vinaigrette Dressing

Basic Vinaigrette Dressing This is a bare-bones recipe for the simple all-purpose vinaigrette, which you will vary as you wish. Its beauty lies solely in the quality of your ingredients. Note that you ...

Japanese Three Mushroom Rice Recipe
Salad Japanese Three Mushroom Rice Recipe

Japanese Three Mushroom Rice This lovely dish, from Naoko Boerger, a Tokyo native who now lives in Palo Alto, California, is perfect for autumn. It uses three very different types of mushrooms, shiitak...

cooked marinade for meat
Salad cooked marinade for meat
approximately 4 quarts

Cooked Marinade Combine all ingredients except oil and simmer for 1 hour. Cool. Pour marinade over meat; add oil. If the meat (or game) is fresh, it will take less time for it to marinate. Large piece...

Salad with Chayote and Pumpkin Recipe
Salad Salad with Chayote and Pumpkin Recipe

Salad with Chayote and Pumpkin 1 Cut the chayotes in half, lengthwise. Reserve. 2 Cut the pumpkin into 4 pieces lengthwise. Reserve. 3 In a medium-size saucepan, bring water to a boil with salt and ...

Julia Child’s Nicoise Salad
Salad Julia Child’s Nicoise Salad

Salade Niçoise Of all main-course salads, the Niçoise is my all-time favorite, with its fresh butter-lettuce foundation; its carefully cooked, beautifully green green beans; its colorful contrast of h...

Open-Face Quesadillas Recipe
Mexican Open-Face Quesadillas Recipe
2 servings

Open-Face Quesadillas The simplest, best-tasting quesadillas ever – and they’re low-fat. 1 Preheat the broiler. 2 Heat the tortilla in a skillet over low heat until it is lightly toasted. 3 Place t...

Tuscan Chickpea Soup Recipe
Salad Tuscan Chickpea Soup Recipe

Tuscan Chickpea Soup with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Rosemary From Supermarket Vegan, by Donna Klein This hearty soup is a meal in itself accompanied with lots of crusty Italian bread and a tossed green s...

6 servings
Fajita Beef Salad Recipe
Salad Fajita Beef Salad Recipe

Fajita Beef Salad Lime does double duty in this recipe, both in the marinade and the dressing. Its tart flavor enhances the grilled beef and honey-kissed dressing. 1. In a screw-top jar combine the l...

: 4 servings
Grilled Haloumi with Grape Salad
Salad Grilled Haloumi with Grape Salad

Grilled Haloumi with Grape Salad Salty and textural, haloumi cheese actually squeaks when you eat it! Serve it up the minute it comes off the grill, while it is still hot and supple. The grape salad c...

3 to 4 as a starter or light lunch dish
Mushroom and White Bean Stew Over Couscous
Salad Mushroom and White Bean Stew Over Couscous

Mushroom and White Bean Stew over Couscous Mushrooms lend a meaty taste and texture to this satisfying entrée. Quickly rinse and dry the mushrooms, and trim off the ends of the stems. Cut any large m...

4 servings
Rick Tramonto’s Chicago-Style Garbage Salad
Salad Rick Tramonto’s Chicago-Style Garbage Salad

Chicago-Style Garbage Salad Is this guy serious? Does he really think anyone wants to make something called “garbage salad”? If you are from Chicago, you know the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This sa...

Cobb Salad French Dressing Recipe
Salad Cobb Salad French Dressing Recipe

Cobb Salad French Dressing In bowl or screw-top jar, blend together all ingredients except the oils. Then add oils. Whisk thoroughly to blend, or shake well. Chill dressing. Whisk or shake again befor...

about 1-1/2 cups