It certainly is not unsafe, if that’s what you’re asking. It will not have lost any nutrients or flavor. The one attribute that probably has suffered is the texture.

The formation of ice crystals broke some or many of the asparagus’s cell walls, and as it thaws and cooks, the ice will melt and the asparagus will be mushy.

If you are one who likes vegetables very crisp, you may be deeply disappointed. If you like to shock guests by very properly picking up stalks of asparagus with your fingers, you may be saddened by the droop. If you’re from the south and like your vegetables cooked to death,* you’ll be as happy as ever.

If you’re in the former group, you might prefer to whip up a batch of asparagus soup, where the crispness issue will be moot.

*Not everyone in the south likes their vegetables cooked to a pudding, but very few people outside the south like them that way, either.