How long do you need to store it? Thoroughly clarified butter can be kept for months and does not need refrigeration. Consider that ghee was developed in the tropical climates of India long before the advent of refrigeration to keep butter from spoiling.

The important thing to remember is that clarified butter is highly susceptible to picking up odors and flavors from other foods (especially when warm), so be sure to store it in a something impervious like a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid.

We are not generally hyper-fastidious about clarifying butter and it is possible that a hint of the milk solids or water remain, in which case it will not have the keeping qualities of butter that has been thoroughly clarified. So, although we don't clarify butter to keep and have on hand for emergency clarified-butter needs, we would probably keep it in the refrigerator, and, because it is so susceptible to absorbing other flavors, would probably try to use it within a month or so.

But even poorly clarified, it still is butter. You can keep it in the refrigerator for a couple months at least or freeze it for six months or more.