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Can You Reheat Artichoke Dip in a Microwave?

May hot artichoke dip (which contains artichokes, mayonnaise, and Parmesan cheese) be reheated in a microwave?

Why not? It will no longer have the browned, slightly crispy crust (the best part) that it had when you originally pulled it out of the oven, but there should be no harm.

Do you not have time to reheat it in a conventional oven? When we have time, we find the gentler heat of the oven to be more successful than the harsh, focused rays of the microwave.

If we do not have time, we often use the microwave at half power when reheating foods. If possible, we also spread the food out so that it is no more than 2 inches thick. Microwaves penetrate only about 1 inch from any direction in any food, so the insides of anything thicker are heated only by heat from the surface creeping inwards, which is a slow process. A dip is easily spread out, however, so yours should heat well.

The amount of time required to heat the dip will depend on the quantity you have, of course, but we would heat it at half power for a minute, stir it, and keep heating for additional minutes until satisfied with the temperature.

For those now salivating over the thought of freshly baked artichoke dip, here is a traditional recipe.

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