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Fig Jam & Preserves Recipes (and One Little Compote)

 Do you have a recipe for fig jam or fig preserves?

 We have dozens and dozens of books about jams and preserves and dutifully took all the ones that have fig recipes off the shelves. But we really didn't get any further than Roger Vergé's Cooking with Fruit (which is not technically a book about jams and preserves). But it contains a wonderful fig preserve recipe and the picture was so pretty.

Well, we did also open Elizabeth David's Italian Food, which has another basic fig jam recipe that looks great. We've also reprinted Vergé's recipe for a fig compote, which is not a jam or preserve either, but included just in case you get hungry while making preserves.

Take your pick while we go put all these books back on the shelves... grumble... grumble....

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