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Do Flame Tamers Work at High Heat?

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Q. I need the flame on my gas range to be equalized/evenly distributed and HOT more than I need it "tamed." (The flame itself is lopsided, and adjusting the controls has not corrected this sufficiently — hence, things boil on one side of a pot long before the other side, and I get uneven heating when sautéing, etc.) Will a flame tamer help distribute the heat more evenly when I have the flame on medium-high or high (i.e., when I'm not working on fragile sauces)? Please help — I'm not in a position to purchase a new/better stove!

A. A flame tamer will certainly help, as would a set of new pans with very heavy bottoms and excellent heat-distribution qualities, preferably made of copper or aluminum. The best pans are meant to allow you to cook with essentially no exposure to hot spots in the pan, even though they are unavoidable in the ring of a gas flame. But since a set of such pans can set you back as much as a new stove, we're guessing you'll go with the flame tamer.

The thicker the flame tamer, the more effective it will be at diffusing the heat — that is, the more capacity it will have to spread out the heat of your lopsided flame and deliver it more evenly to the bottom of your pan. It may not completely solve the problem of the lopsided flame, but it is sure to help.

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