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Choosing One Broccoli Soup from Among Thousands

Please, is it possible to send me a recipe for broccoli soup?

Really, broccoli soup?

We're only surprised because there are so many variations and versions out there ranging from thin broth to a virtual chowder, cooked in anything from saucepan to Dutch oven to pressure cooker, with or without pasta, with or without the heat of cayenne or pepper flakes, thickened or garnished with or without cream, sour cream, egg yolk, cheese, etc. To us broccoli soup is almost a category, not a recipe.

We have, however, shown a little discipline and narrowed it down to one fairly simple, from-scratch recipe. As with just about any soup, the quality of your stock will determine whether it's good or great. We have been sampling our way through the relatively sudden proliferation of prepared stocks in our nearby grocery stores, and, to be honest, some are not going to win any awards.

Find a stock you like, and once, twice, as often as you can make a homemade stock. Your broccoli soup and any people you share it with will thank you.

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