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Cookies With Honey, Without Sugar, Fast!

I am a nanny for a man who allows his children very little sugar. I love to bake, and one of the children wants to take cookies to school for her birthday tomorrow. My boss says it's OK if I can do it without sugar or artificial sweeteners. He allows honey, but not granulated sugar or brown sugar. I know that honey and baking soda can be substituted for sugar in banana bread, but what can I use for cookies? I was thinking oatmeal cookies of some sort. Is this possible? I've been looking for recipes all day and before today as well and I can't find anything without sugar. HELP!

Dear heart, we're not like the people at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERB), twiddling our thumbs and just waiting for your call. You've got to give us a little advance notice of impending cookie emergencies.

There are issues that arise when you use one sweetener (honey, perhaps) in place of another (granulated sugar, for example), but we clearly do not have the time to get into that right now. And at some point we're going to have a little talk about your idea of substituting honey and baking soda for sugar in banana bread. Bur for the moment, we must concern ourselves with recipes for cookies that are sweetened with honey, and not just those that might substitute honey for sugar.

We have found a number of recipes that look pretty good. We have found some that feature oatmeal, as well — including a chocolate oatmeal cookie (we think we know better than to ask if chocolate is allowed in the household, but we'll include the recipe anyway). We have found a number of other very appealing recipes that use honey and very modest amounts of white or brown sugar — we're going to have to work together to loosen up that boss of yours. If we don't succeed with that, encourage him to buy one or both of the books from which these recipes come, as they contain a variety of recipe options, and those children need cookies once in a while!

Now set the alarm clock for very early and get baking.

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