Deep Fryer Recipes

Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe
Deep Fryer Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe

Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey I know this isn’t a barbecue or grilling recipe, but folks sure do love to fry up a turkey now and then, especially during the holidays. So read carefully, follow instructions ...

3 to 4 minutes ... 8 to 10
Tender batter for deep frying
Deep Fryer Tender batter for deep frying

A Tender Batter for Deep Frying Instructions_Step Sift the dry ingredients together. Beat the eggs well, and mix with the Tabasco and milk. Combine with the dry ingredients and stir until smooth. Ins...

5 minutes 2 cups
Scotch Eggs Recipe
Deep Fryer Scotch Eggs Recipe

Scotch Eggs Following his exploration of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, in 1631, William Claiborne set up a trading post on Kent Island, the largest of the bay’s islands. A colony developed and in 1638 the...

20 minutes 6 whole or 12 halves